Welcome! Please have a look at my online gallery of paintings from the archive; Feel free to get in touch via the contact form for any enquiries and commissions!
Most of the paintings are sold but can be an inspiration for a custom commission
     Sonja Horgan  Artist
   Contemporary Original Mixed Media and Oil Paintings

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Collaboration project with ARTIQ 2020

Artbox Projects Barcelona October 2020

             Commissions info:

I love creating a work of art, especially for you to suit your personal preferences and needs. If you find artwork in my gallery that you find inspiring and would like it custom made just for you please contact me to start the process of commissioning your original and unique painting. Commissioned pieces can take up to one month to create, in addition, please allow for drying time before the safe shipping to your home. 




I have been creating custom artwork that adds a special touch and atmosphere to my client's homes and offices since 2001

Every bespoke commission is an original work of art not available as limited edition prints and is exclusive only to my clients

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