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I create unique vibrant and ethereal oil and mixed media paintings that bring both the pop of color and airy tranquil atmosphere to any space

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My inspiration includes the Ocean and underwater life, the serene Polar atmosphere of eternal ice and snow, as well as abstract paintings inspired by Zen, Mythology, Symbolism and Metaphysical. I use best quality art materials and unique mixed media additions of holographic crystals and flakes, pure pigments, 24K gold leaf, flower petals, seashells and much more. I sincerely hope you enjoy my artwork and that it will transmit the positive energy I have put into creating it to your home.


I have been working as a professional artist for many years and loved creating art since early childhood as I spent a lot of time in my father's studio creating my first oil and mixed media paintings.  I am delighted that my artworks are bringing joy to people around the world and brightening their homes and offices as well as adding that special touch of unique original artwork on their wall.

I have always loved adding rich texture to the canvas and lately, I have been experimenting a lot with more vibrant colours. I paint mainly from memory, I am inspired by nature and many natural spectacular beauties such as coral reefs and the ocean wildlife, the polar world of eternal ice, flowers, and beautiful scenery, especially the Irish landscape and seascape. While growing up in a big city I've always been fascinated with the beauty of the city lights at night. I love creating abstract cityscapes that are reminiscent of that atmosphere. My paintings are my own interpretations and impressions of those things that have triggered my creative process and left strong impressions on me. 
Some of the biggest influences on my own unique style and creative process have been my personal Yoga and Meditation experience as well as my research of the ancient science of Feng Shui.

I see my paintings in my mind's eye first then work on establishing the composition and transferring my visions to the canvas. 

Recent Exhibitions: 


-  'Ethereal and Neon' solo exhibition, Kilkenny Ireland, February- March     2019

-  Art Festiva Kilkenny group exhibition MacDonagh Junction, Kilkenny         Ireland, August 2019

- Swiss Artexpo, Artbox project, Zurich Switzerland, August 2019



















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Sonja Horgan is an Irish abstract artist, she has BA (Honours) in Fine Art - Painting. Sonja uses acrylic, oil and mixed media to create her multi-layered paintings. When combined, the predominant blues, purples and greens in her paintings create an atmosphere of tranquillity yet add a vibrant decor to different types interiors. Sonja has been working in Kilkenny city on her artworks as well as teaching painting workshops since 2009 in her home studio. Some of Sonja’s main inspirations for her artwork are brightly coloured underwater worlds, Zen gardens, polar lights and ice, abstract landscape and abstract cityscapes. Sonja has a BA in Fine Art Painting and Foundation in Art Therapy Certificate, she is a member of several professional art associations. Sonja has had several solo exhibitions and has participated in many international group exhibitions. Sonja’s paintings are in private collections internationally.


Sonja resides in Kilkenny, Ireland, where she teaches art classes for groups as well as individual courses. She is a member of several professional art associations.


Sonja has a Foundation in Art Therapy Certificate from Dublin Art Therapy College.


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