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Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an ancient practice of balancing the energies of our environment with our own energy and creating an optimal home and office space. It can also help unblock any stagnant energies in different areas of our life such as relationships, health, wealth, family etc. as well as improve the overall chi/vital energy circulating around our homes. In Feng Shui we work with house areas- Baguas, Yin and Yang energies, 5 Elements and how the chi flows from your front door and around your house. It is important to take a lot of different factors into consideration when doing a detailed Feng Shui report for a house. Some outdoor factors may also influence the energies in our home and there are Feng Shui cures for negative energies such as pylons, various pillars and sharp corners that are pointing towards our houses.

Helping you Feng Shui your home

 Feng Shui is an in-depth and complex science that can help restore much-needed balance into our lives by intentionally positioning and/or repositioning objects such as furniture, plants, artworks, balancing the 5 elements and yin and yang energies remember that Feng Shui starts with decluttering.

There are several different styles/schools of Feng Shui and the one that I practice and can offer consultations in is Western/BTB school.


Feng Shui Art

I love to create a series of Feng Shui artwork that will help balance the elements in your home. Some of my paintings are perfect to be installed near the front door and the entrance area, some in the living room (depending on in which Bagua it is located in your house), the Wealth area, Family, Career, Helpful People, Bedroom and Relationships area, Health, Reputation and  Creativity area. Did you know that some Artwork is better to be installed in certain areas of your home and not as beneficial in some other ones? The main theme and the color scheme will determine where it would be best to be installed. Also working backwards- you can commission Artwork that will be most suited for a particular area of your home for example above the fireplace in your living room that is located in the Health area/Bagua.

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