Update February 2020:

I am not able to take new students at the moment due to being very busy working on my own art and minding my small child. If you would like me to add you to the waiting list please contact me via the contact form.

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As an art tutor, my approach is to help students develop painting skills as quickly as possible and be able to paint with confidence while developing their own style. 


I strive to encourage individuality of style in each of my students from the very start and help them learn the technical side of painting as well as art aesthetics such as good composition.  


My classes are unique in this approach to being completely student choice oriented. My students choose their own theme/subject for their paintings for the class which results in everyone in the group working on a different theme of their choice. I then adapt to their preferred style and subject and help them hands-on with the technical side by demonstrating brushstrokes and palette knife techniques. I also assist with the reference pictures and the sketching on the canvas before the paint application phase starts. 


My classes are suitable for everyone no matter what their current skill level is and I work with every student individually.




Working with pigments today, I just love

I have worked successfully with complete beginners, intermediate and advanced level students and have been able to meet them at the level they are at and explain in an easy to understand way the important art theory and demonstrate practical things such as colour mixing, how to hold the brush, making brush marks etc.

From my experience over the years, my opinion is that learning how to paint is not dependant on having talent as such strictly speaking and can be learned with practice and with help. In general, most people who have an interest in art have the talent for it and just need some help with the technical side of the drawing and painting process.

My goal is to provide my students with skills and tools to be able to work independently whether they want to approach art as their new hobby or start a career as visual artists themselves. 

I would like to strongly encourage everyone interested in painting to give it a chance and believe in themselves- as it only takes some guidance and practice for you to learn how to paint! Looking forward to teaching you soon- either in one of my classes here in Kilkenny or online.

New: Online classes now available from the comfort of your home!

Looking to take your painting skills to the next level?

Fear not it might be easier then you think! With my help and guidance, you can learn a lot in a short amount of time!


Whether it is achieving stronger compositions, mastering color mixing or brush/palette knife marks and texture we can work together to bring your paintings to the next level.


Book a free 15-minute consultation with me first where I can give you a few quick tips and if interested in a full one or several 1-hour consultations I can book you in for those as well


to book a free 15 minute consultation click the button to arrange the best time:

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Please provide a few details in your email so I can prepare better and help you in the best possible way:

* Attach a few images of your recent work

* Let me know what is the pain point you need most help with and what would you like me to help you with most

* Send me your Skype user name

* Let me know what time suits you and I will convert it to my zone and figure out the best time to call


That's it! Looking forward to seeing you online!

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I am currently not taking any new students for the Friday morning group classes as the class is fully booked. I do however also teach individual 1-hour classes and once a month workshops; please contact me to book those via the website contact form.

Workshops are intensive 2 hour-long art classes that are theme-based and we will be focusing on different themes each time; Abstract Landscape, Abstract Florals, Mixed Media and creating texture and Abstract.

If interested to book yourself in for some of the workshops please contact me via the contact form. Looking forward to seeing you in one of my workshops!  


About my classes: 

I teach art classes for adults who would like to learn painting as a hobby as well as artists looking to improve advanced oil and mixed media techniques.


The class focuses on how to use Oils, Acrylic as well as various mixed media techniques. The course is suitable for mixed ability levels as everyone gets individual tuition adapted to their own level and need;


All of my classes are small groups and are held in a very pleasant and friendly atmosphere. The classes last for 1 1/2 hours with a coffee break.


Individual classes can be arranged for anyone interested in one on one classes and artists interested in learning more advanced techniques of the fine art of oil painting.














Portfolio Preparation


I help students prepare their portfolio for Art Colleges on an individual basis, as well as preparing students for junior and leaving cert.


Online consultations available please email via contact form for enquries 


I am an experienced art tutor with more than 15 years of experience and will be delighted to help you learn or improve your painting skills!


Please note: I do not teach Watercolours (except when working with children)


Individual Classes for children:

My experience as a primary school art teacher has been extremely valuable in setting up and teaching grinds to school children. We work together on developing the child's artistic skills through an easy to understand and fun way and chose a theme for our next class together. I have been working with young talents for a long time helping them bring their art skills to the next level as well as prepare for junior cert, leaving cert and portfolio for art colleges. Please contact me via the contact form if your child is interested in individual art classes.


Student artwork gallery:

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