* News EBook launch postponed until 2019. Due to the upcoming exhibition preparation and a very busy life with an active toddler! *




**Ebook will be available for download directly from my website in 2019**


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 * Art Ebook *

Ebook coming soon!


I am currently finishing writing my ebook which I am hoping to have ready and edited in 2019! The book is going to be very helpful to brand new and aspiring artists and to those who have more experience with painting as well.

It will also be of great help to artists with more experience who might feel as though they can not connect to their authentic creative voice. My book will hopefully help and inspire you to rediscover your true artistic style and a form of free expression.


It will include my amazing tips on how to make your painting will look professional and with integrity *even if you still don't have much experience with painting*

How to cure the amateurish look and more than anything overcome creativity block which is also directly linked to paintings looking amateurish from my experience!



can't wait to share my best tips with you which are a summary of many years of my experience in creating and teaching puls;


Very useful experiences and knowledge of Art Therapy and its principles have helped me eventually connect the dots together and write the ebook.


I sincerely hope you will find the book helpful as the methods covered helped many of my students already and me personally while I was learning how to paint oil on canvas. More recently they helped me tremendously to incorporate the amazing knowledge of Art Therapy into my own creative style.