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Learn from me!

Sign up for one of my upcoming workshops in Kilkenny city 

or for Online consultations with me for an opportunity to learn from me

Looking to take your painting skills to the next level?

Fear not it might be easier then you think! With my help and guidance, you can learn a lot in a short amount of time!


Whether it is achieving stronger compositions, mastering color mixing or brush/palette knife marks and texture we can work together to bring your paintings to the next level.


Book a free 15-minute consultation with me first where I can give you a few quick tips and if interested in a full one or several 1-hour consultations I can book you in for those as well


to book a free 15 minute consultation click the button to arrange the best time:

(or use the contact form)





Please provide a few details in your email so I can prepare better and help you in the best possible way:

* Attach a few images of your recent work

* Let me know what is the pain point you need most help with and what would you like me to help you with most

* Send me your Skype user name

* Let me know what time suits you and I will convert it to my zone and figure out the best time to call


That's it! Looking forward to seeing you online!




Online consultations:

* Free 15 Minute 

* 1 hour long or a block of 4 classes options- please contact me via the contact form to enquire

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Teal is one of my favorite colors!! 💙💚
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